Executive Team


Geena Jinev Anac, CEO/Talent Manager & Natasha Anac, VP/Networking Manager

The executive teams works with celebrity clients to develop actionable strategies and solutions to achieve the goals and objectives within their career perimeters. They understand and articulate the strategic value of  the diverse core needs for clients and possess a strong business acumen. Identify potential targets for contractual relations, negotiations, and closing contracts. Lightening Entertainment has been involved in numerous community programs and recipient of prestigious awards and acknowledgments.

As a team, passion, knowledge, and trust are the three keys to their business philosophy. Celebrating success is their model.

They have been experts in client relations/networking and have earned VIP status at celebrity 2010 NFL Draft Marathon, Red Carpet events such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary, New York Giants Caribbean Cruise, NBA Las Vegas All Star weekend, Allen Iverson’s Birthday Bash, Legends of Wrestling Events Cromwel CT, New York Fashion Week, A-List CD, Magazine, Film release party extravaganzas from the Hampton’s to South Beach, FL.

Contact: Geena Jinev Anac CEO/Talent Manager  jinevanac@aol.com

Contact: Natasha Anac, VP/Networking Manager  natashanac@aol.com

moMo Gaines, General Manager/Operations Liaison

Diplomacy relations and consensus building integrated resources within the global spectrum. Strategic and marketing planning with CEO, partners and affiliates, secures and prioritizes project tasks and celebrity initiatives with superb skills in developing creative alliances. and opportunities.

Contact: Mo Gaines  mosesgaines@aol.com

dannyDanny Brown, Head of Security/Transportation

Delivers first-class front line security for clients and special events leading a consulting team of experts who specialize in celebrity security and complex and high profile environments. In charge of credentialing, safe guards and security policies.

Arrange/oversee elite full spectrum transportation services for guests, celebrity extravaganzas and the concierge division.

chrisChris DeBlasio, Senior Advisor

Chris has more than 20 years experience working with world-wide Pro-Athletes as a personal and professional consultant. He will heading the celebrity athletic division.

Contact: ChriseblasioNFL@aol.com




John Butler,  Head Of Celebrity Security

John  has been involved in personal security industy for  over 10 years, he goes through intensive physical training five days a week, he also specializes in unarmed combat, tactical driving, Firearms, screening and controlling crowds, protective escorting, and electronic Surveillance.

Contact : Lightninginc1@aol.com